Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the private sector representative organization in Hebron, aims at developing the capacities of its members, improving their competitiveness, advocating their interests and contributing to the improvement of the entrepreneurial, business and investment enabling environment and ecosystem in Accordingly, HCCI as part of its first strategic plan developed in the year 2013, envisioned the establishment of its first business incubator as one of its strategic initiatives to achieve its mission and vision.

Today, the first Business Incubator in the Palestinian chambers community is a dream materialized into reality. It has been established at Hebron Chambers of Commerce and Industry and launched in May, 2016 in cooperation with and highly appreciated fund from the WELFARE HCCI Business Incubator (HBI) nurture the development of entrepreneurial initiatives. HBI mitigate the risk of failure during the vulnerable startup period for the startup businesses. It conceptualize their ideas, guide them and converts them into viable businesses contributing to the development of the local economy of Hebron and eventually the national economy of Palestine.

Hebron Chamber